We are a husband and wife photography and videography team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

We are in love with being married. As corny as it sounds, we are truly each other’s best friends. Working together is a dream come true. Fun Fact: We met working together at Pizza Ranch in Green Bay WI, so we’ve had this whole working together thing down since the very beginning. 

When we're not photographing weddings together, you'll find us toying around with Polaroid and film photography,  watching Netflix with a pepperoni pizza, or planning our next big trip.

We love to travel! Documenting our own adventures is so important to us. If you keep scrolling, you can take an inside look at our previous adventures and find our travel schedule for 2019!


5 completely random facts about Trevor

1. I can’t decide if my favorite fast food is Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A.
2. Keeping my desktop clean is my never-ending project.
3. I’m nuts about credit card rewards and free travel!
4. I’m a second degree black belt and forgot how to use it.
5. I love searching for Polaroid cameras on Craigslist and eBay. We currently use 5 different models!

5 completely random facts about Elisebeth

1. I have a tiered donut pyramid list of my favorite places to eat donuts!
2. My favorite vacation we’ve been on was Europe in 2017! We went to Amsterdam, London, & Paris.
3. I got Trevor to watch through all of the seasons of The Office, Parks & Rec, and Friends since we have been together.
4. Sweaters are my favorite piece of clothing!
5. My go-to drink order is a Chai Tea Latte.

our adventures


2019 Travel Dates

April: Nashville tn
June: North Shore mn, green Bay wi, Chicago il
July: Seattle wa