Engagement Session Preparation

We offer a complimentary engagement session when booking your wedding with us for two reasons. First, your relationship with your photographer is incredibly important. An engagement session gives you time to feel more comfortable with us and for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. This will lead to much greater ease on your wedding day as you’ve already spent time with us! Second, we love to provide the opportunity for a fun and unique date. Our goal for your engagement session is that it is enjoyable and that you create memories throughout the session!


This is the number one question we receive about engagement sessions - what should I wear?? 
Our number one piece of advice is to dress comfortably and confidently. If you’re wearing something uncomfortable or that you don’t feel confident in, it’s going to show in your photos. Think about what clothes you’d pick out for a hot date! 
Rather than planning outfits that are matching, plan outfits that are complimentary! This applies to colors, textures, and styles!

Feel free to pack an extra outfit to change into, but consider that there may not be an easy location for you to do your changing. 

What we suggest:
Jewel tones, earth tones, really any muted colors, simple patterns like plaid, layers

What to avoid:
Clothing with labels/graphic tees, neon/bright colors, all black

When in doubt, shoot us an email or text with your outfits in it and we’ll share our feedback with you! Still feeling stuck about outfits? We have a Pinterest board for some further inspiration!


Picking a location for your engagement session can seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of the things. However, here are things to consider when making this decision!

Are there any locations that are important to you as a couple? This could be where you had your first date, popped the question, or just frequent stomping grounds for date nights! Choosing a location with significance gives you a sense of comfort from the start of the session! 

Want to try somewhere new? That’s okay too! We’re down to help you create special memories from your engagement session wherever you select!

What kind of vibe do you want your photos to portray? City or Nature or a mix of both? We have several favorite nooks and crannies in the Twin Cities to capture those great city views. We also have a Minneapolis Parks permit. This grants us photography access to any of the many Minneapolis parks for our nature lovers! 


When should the engagement session be planned for? As long as you have paid your booking fee and signed the contract, we’re all set to book a date and time for your engagement session. Are you hoping to include photos from this session on your save the dates or invitations? Consider this when looking for a date! We typically have engagement sessions fully edited and in your email inbox no later than 6 weeks following the session. 

Session Flow

So what will the engagement session be like?
Yes, the beginning of your session may feel a little awkward. Probably 9/10 couples share with us that they are camera shy - it’s 100% normal! After meeting at our agreed upon location, we’ll begin snapping away. We rarely fully pose you unless you have an exact pose in mind or if we want to try out something new. Our style is free-flowing and natural. Your portraits should reflect you as a couple and poses sometimes restrict that. We may gently guide you to help you through any obvious awkwardness, but the goal is for you to forget we’re even there! 

While we don’t set a timer for your session, they typically are 45 minutes to an hour long. While the best time for your session is during golden hour, we love when couples are willing to start a little before that peak time so that we can adventure around together without strict time constraints.