Frequently Asked Questions

Booking FAQs

+ What happens before you book?

Fill out a contact form to begin chatting with us. We love to learn about you and your honey, what you're looking for when it comes to your photographer or videographer (or both), what your budget is, and all about your love story.

+ Can we meet in person before booking?

YES! We love meeting up with prospective couples! It is important for you to feel comfortable with us, so we highly encourage meeting us either before you book, during an engagement session, or at the time of signing the contract.

+ How do you book Trevor & Elisebeth?

To book us for your wedding date, we require 30% of the total package price to be paid along with a signed contract. This can be done at the end of our meeting or can be signed electronically. We accept cash or checks.

+ How much of your payment is due upon booking?

To secure us for your wedding date, we require a non-refundable booking fee. This fee is 30% of the total price and is a part of that final cost.

+ What packages do we offer?

We offer photography only, videography only, or photography and videography combination packages. To learn more, contact us for details and rates!

Wedding Detail FAQs

+ Do we travel for weddings?

We love to travel and will gladly pack our bags to be a part of your big day!

+ What does it cost for us to travel to your wedding?

Travel costs are dependent on many factors, so contact us with your date and location so we can give you an accurate rate!

+ What does "full day coverage" mean?

Full day coverage means we are there from whatever time you want us to arrive until the last “event” during the reception has completed. In the morning, we'll gladly join you for hair and makeup or we can be there right before you slip into your gown. If you’re planning a bouquet toss or garter retrieval, we’ll be there through that. If you’re planning a grand exit with sparklers, we’ll stay for that! We love getting some fun dancing shots throughout the reception as well, so sometimes we stay a bit after those events as the dancing continues. Regardless, we’ll check in with you before we leave to see if there’s anything else you’d like captured before we leave.

+ Do we offer timeline help while you're planning your wedding?

Yes, we go to a lot of weddings and have planned one for ourselves, so we'd LOVE to help you with the timing of your wedding. If you have a wedding planner, they'll gladly help you with this. If not, we're more than able to chat with you to work out a timeline for your day and help you create enough time for some great portraits!

+ Are we both at every wedding?

Yes! As a husband and wife team, we love to celebrate other couples committing to a life of love and happiness, just like we have!

+ What do we normally wear to a wedding day?

What we wear for a wedding is dependent on a few factors such as weather and style of wedding. We do our best to mesh with the guests, but maintain comfort for a full day of shooting. No worries though, we will not show up in a t-shirt and gym shorts.

+ What happens if we are sick and can't shoot your wedding?

We are human, we do (very rarely) get sick. Thankfully, we live in a wonderful area filled with many other wonderful photographers and videographers! We network with other professionals and keep them as contacts so that if we need to, we can reach out and find someone to cover your wedding.

+ Do we edit all the images we deliver?

Yes, the images you receive are individually edited in a similar style as the images throughout our website and blog!

+ How soon will you receive your photos or video?

Please refer to your contract if you're currently waiting for your photos/video from us for an estimate for your photo/video delivery timeline! If anything changes from quoted time in your contract, we will keep you updated!

+ Where can you read about REAL couples and their experiences with us?

You can read about the experiences couples have had with us here.