Your wedding should be the best day of your life. Let us capture every moment.

Because every wedding is different and unique, we understand your needs differ from any other couple’s needs. As a photography and videography team, we offer three different options for your wedding. We can provide you with photography only, videography only, or both photography and videography together.

We will both be at each and every wedding and always provide full day coverage, so you don’t need to worry about us missing you slipping into your beautiful wedding dress or your big exit.

for the urban adventurer.

While looking through our photos, you see authentic emotions. Authentic emotions shared by happy couples who are beginning their forever together. Authentic emotions shared by their families watch vows be exchanged. Authentic emotions shared by their best friends as they help get the party started. Whatever emotions you experience on your wedding - we are there to capture them.

Adventures don’t just have to take place in the woods or along the shores. They take place anywhere you want to create memories. Urban adventures happen at cozy coffee shops, industrial alleys, bookstores, parking lots, exposed brick walls, and creaky staircases. Let’s take these adventures together. After all, it’s your wedding. Let it reflect you - maybe that means a donut wall, jumpsuits instead of bridesmaid dresses, or a modern ceremony backdrop. Anyway you have it, we are their to capture the moments, the memories, the authentic emotions of your adventure.

Because every wedding is different and unique, we understand your needs differ from any other couple’s needs.

Why hire a wedding videographer?

"There is no way I would have planned my wedding without a videographer! Seriously, no way. So many wedding blogs talk about how fast the day goes and before you know it, the DJ is playing the last song. Having quality videographers was beyond essential for us to capture all of the large and small special moments. The wedding video Trevor & Elisebeth made was beyond perfect! Not only did they capture the moments I loved most in the style I wanted, but they have given me the gift to relive those moments. I can recall all the emotions and what was running through my head ( good and not so good, ha) throughout the whole day because of them. Also, seeing how great of a time our friends and family had is priceless." -Kristina & Augie / Read more reviews