Kind Words

What better way to learn about your upcoming experience with Trevor & Elisebeth than from those who have worked with them!

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Kayla & Tony

BRIDES! Book Trevor and Elisebeth! They are amazing! They shot both our engagement and wedding pictures. The were full of amazing ideas, patience and gave me such comfort knowing there were taking care of everything on our big day. Trevor and Elisebeth are responsive, creative and take initiative, which is SO appreciated when you are overwhelmed with excitement and love on your big day. Also - their pictures speak for themselves, but they are so beautiful! Thank you so much Trevor and Elisebeth - you are amazing.



Bethany & Steven

We had T & E capture our special day this past August and they were exceptional. The best decision of our wedding planning. So many memories, so many special moments and so little time. We are so blessed to have such amazing photos taken by two great artists. They just got everything right. Coming from a perfectionist ~ If you want the best then look no further. Thank you Trevor and Elisebeth!!!

Bethany & Steven Wedding-548.jpg

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Tam & John

 I have done a lot of photo shoots with a lot of people. Even couples photoshoot with my boyfriend. But our experience for Trevor and Elisebeth was really graceful.. I love how they work together as a couple. One person directs the other, the other tries to capture another moment with another camera... It's really cute to see young inspiring influencers work together as a team. But this couple was very very easy and pleasant to work with. I would totally recommend them to anybody. Anybody that has a big day coming up or any small photo shoot coming up, I would BET them to work with these two! I absolutely love their vision. Not only that they are really fast with the editing photos. Which I'm pretty sure a lot of people would love also. We love our experience!